Thursday, May 13, 2010

SHREYA GHOSHAL's debut song (Marathi)

SHREYA GHOSHAL's debut in Marathi music was with the Album "Masti saradiya raat". In this SHREYA DI sang 2 songs and the whole album has around 7 tracks. Our melody queen started her carrier in Marathi music industry with these two tracks , named as " Manat majhya vanpachuche" and "Mendi bharlaya pauli". She worked under the direction of Abhijeet Rane and Late Dr Vasant Krishna Warhadpande worked as lyricist in this Album.

Let us now discuss about the track "Manat majhya vanpachuche".

This is a power pack composition of 5 min and 29 sec. It is very sweet as usual. This is called devine singing. SHREYA DI just sang it with full ease. Again i wonder ,how she is so comfortable with the lyrics, its Marathi lyrics. This is flawless singing . The song starts with lovely music up to 19 sec and on the 20th sec SHREYA DI starts with "Manat majhya". Very lovely .

Lets move on to the next track which is "Mendi Bhaarlaya pauli" , very soft composition running 4 mins and 29 sec. SHREYA DI starts with "Mendi Bharlaya pauli" on the 24th sec. This track has very cute and sweet lyrics. I loved the sweetness of the line "mendi Bharlaya pauli" very much.

I really feel very proud as i am a SHREYA GHOSHAL fan. SHREYA DI at this small age , sang so many beautiful regional songs which is even difficult for a professional to sing perfectly. Hats off !! SHREYA DI rocks!! :):)

Hope you too like these songs , please i request you all music lovers to listen to regional songs too! Feel the sweetness , does matter you understand the lyrics ! :)

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