Monday, October 10, 2011

tell me O khuda - NAGMA KOI GUNGUNA NE KA

Its a lovely song from the awaited movie "tell me o khuda". The song "nagma koi guguna ne ka" is a solo track sung by our melody queen SHREYA GHOSHAL. Its composed by Pritam da.

The song starts with romantic music. On the 47th sec SHREYA DI started well. Its a slow song. A song for someone special in love.. the song has something special in it . Feel of the song is very strong otherwise its sung normally. :) Its beautiful , elegant. I want to continue reviewing but don't know what to write . My heart got captured by it ..... i am feeling so happy as i am here , there to witness this song ! lucky ME :)

Do play it and enjoy . You will feel the FEEL !!

Track Length - 4 min 58 sec

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miley na miley hum - HAAN YAHI PYAR HAI

This movie is having a duet song by Shaan and SHREYA GHOSHAL . The song is "haan yahi pyar hai" which is composed by the most talented duo Sajid-Wajid.

Its a very sweet song. Lovely initiating music. On 23rd sec Shaan sir started on. He was normal , neither too fast nor too slow. Loved his singing . On 1.37th min , SHREYA DI got in the song with her amazingly mesmerizing voice. The song is great from within. Its having a mild glow. The lyrics is great , some rhyming are there too.Music is superb.Its basically a love song. :)

Track Length - 4 min 38 sec

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

ye stupid pyar - TITLE SONG :)

In this movie SHREYA DI did the title track .."stupid pyar". The music director vipin patwa is itself there in the song.

The song doesn't run long but still within that time it can take you with it. The music started and i guess its a trumpet. On the 17th sec the male singer started slow . After 50th sec he increased his speed a bit. On 1.08th sec he totally transformed to rocking type with fast music and lyrics. Again the song came back to soft music for few seconds with the entry of SHREYA GHOSHAL on 1.51th min. She came with the soft part of the song. Amazing :) the song ends great ... !!

Track Length - 3 min 38 sec

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Here is the song review of "bollywood bollywood" from the movie "chargesheet" sung by two most talented and successful singers of this music industry , SHREYA GHOSHAL and Sunidhi Chauhan. The music is composed by AD boys.

The song is really a rocking one. This is my first review of the song which is sung by SC n SG !! I am a very big fan of SHREYA DI , i love to play her songs only but still i must say Sunidhi mam is also very talented . Here i wont compare both but for me SHREYA DI is always at top, at great heights...

The songs starts with SHREYA DI singing . Just i felt its a kawali one for a second :) she carried the song till 18th sec and after that Sunidhi mam continued . The song continued with slow music till 37th sec and after that the music banged on , it came fast. Loved SHREYA DI singing in it . It has also got a classical touch in the middle , just for few seconds. Its a Bollywood type song :D The song ends up with clapping . I guess its a song being performed on the stage ...

Track length - 5 min 25 sec

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Friday, October 7, 2011

lifeu ishetene - MAAYAVI MAAYAVI

This is again a kannada movie "lifeu ishetene" having a song "maayavi maayavi" sung by Sonu Nigam and SHREYA GHOSHAL and composed by Mano murthy sir.

Got a soft start. Initial music wasnt so impressing. SHREYA GHOSHAL starts on 37th sec soon after few seconds Sonu sir also joined her. This is a romantic love song , i guess. The song is good but still something is missing , i felt. I guess it didn't get a clear finish.Loved the pronunciation of "maayavi mayaavi" . It also got a sudden end . You will feel as if the song will continue but it ends.. I have expected HUGE but it wasn't on the basis of composition !!

Track Length - 4 min 39 sec

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paramaathma - TANMAYALAADENU

Its a Kannada song from the movie "paramaathma" .Its a solo track composed by V Harikrishna.

Its starts with a melodious tune which continues up to 26th sec. It was a sad tune and on the 27th sec SHREYA DI started singing. Its a sad song. Nothing more to say on this , i loved the song and singing !!

Track length - 4 min 13 sec

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saheb biwi aur gangster - RAAT MUJHE

This one is a Bollywood movie having a beautiful song "raat mujhe" sung by SHREYA DI and composed by Abhishek Ray.

The song starts with SHREYA DI singing "ye raat mujhe kehke chidhaye" . Its a sweet song with sweet music. Its a night song , a romantic one! :) The feel in it is awesome . When you play it , it captures your whole body . You start waving in its slow and soft tune. Non of the places in it have exceptions but still its the most beautiful song.

Track Length - 3 min 15 sec

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snehaveedu - AVANI THUMBI

Its a malayalam movie . The music is directed by llaiyaraja sir.

The song is titled as "Avani thumbi" which is a solo track. Its a real pleasure listening to Malayalam language. Dont know but i can feel the difference between these SI languages. The song is good , loved the composition. The flow of the song remains constant. Don't want to share much on this. overall its good :) not the best.

Track Length - 4 min 44 sec

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MOD - 3 songs !!

MOD is a Bollywood movie having 3 songs sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL. The music is composed by Tapas Relia.

The first song is "tu hi tu" which is a duet by Shivam pathak and SHREYA GHOSHAL.The music starts with guitar , slow music. Its a slow song, a perfect duet. Its a soft kinda song. It is sung with care and labelled as "handle with care" :) The music is slow and minimum instruments are used. A lovely song ...

Track Length - 5 min 30 sec

The next song is "Chan pal ke humsafar" which is again a duet, by Shankar Mahadevan sir and SHREYA DI.This song directly starts with SHREYA DI singing and the music came up on 13th sec. Its a slow song again. The initial music and singing was extremely slow. The song on a whole is good but i found it a lil boring . I enjoyed the voice of our melody queen but expected a super good composition.

Track Length - 6 min 20 sec

The last one is "aaj main ho gayi jawan" which is sung by Raghubir yadav,Rishikesh kamekar,Hamshika iyer,Ninad kamat and SHREYA GHOSHAL. This is a mad song , a comic one. Its the best one among all the three , totally totally different from other two. It starts with super catchy music , comedy types. Really mad composition, impressive. Every possible ways have been applied for making it comic. Its difficult to mention the parts where i felt it to be different as the whole song is different. Can it termed as "masti song " too .. SHREYA DI is having a lovely part in it, beautiful. She starts on 2.31st min and the moment she ends the song takes a deep turn. It stops for a while and then we get a break in the flowing melody. The music changes.It continues with a different music, its lovely too. I dont have more words to describe it further , so best is play it and experience the magic.

Track Length - 4 min 46 sec

Play online -

tu hi tu
Chan pal ke humsafar
aaj main ho gayi jawan



This is a Marathi movie having a song sung by our melody queen SHREYA GHOSHAL. The music is composed by Lalit sen.

The song "gaar gaar ha pawan bawra" is a solo one.This is a short running beautiful slow song. It starts sweetly.SHREYA DI starts singing on the 18th sec. So melodious . The song flows slowly with melody . Yes the song can be termed as "Beautiful" ,ofcourse. Marathi is also a very beautiful language and now its even more beautiful when we hear it from SHREYA DI though her voice. You can also hear a male voice coming up on 2.18th sec for a while but he dont have any lyrical contribution in the song. Overall i loved it.

Track Length - 3 min 30 sec

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Xfactor (VICTORY)

Geet sagar from Gwalior won the title of Xfactor India . He is a 27 years old guy who worked as RJ in Lemon 91.1 in Gwalior. He was in the team of SHREYA GHOSHAL . I congratulate both of you for your victory. Geet was the fav contestant of SHREYA DI, also he got so many hugs from our melody queen. She is a great mentor . :):):)

I was in my college when the show was on Sony. I regret for not watching it on when it was being aired still i saw it online after that. That night after when GEET was declared as winner , one of my friends called me up and said "congrats yaar" . I asked "for what??" he replied as "arey SHREYA DI won Xfactor" . . lolzz i was too happy that time as he didnt say "arey Geet won xfactor". rofl. Small joys :) But i knew it before as he was declared as the winner few days back from the day it was on TV.

Hearty CONGRATULATIONS to SHREYA DI and Geet sagar. 

Every detail is available here --> Click here
Geet as winner --> Click here

love breakups zindegi - RAB RAKHA

This movie "love breakups zindegi" is having a nice song sung by SHREYA DI along with three other singers. The music is composed by Salim-Sulaiman. The music was launched on Oct 7. Almost all the cast and crew members were present along with SHREYA GHOSHAL , Sonu Nigam , Salim-sulaiman and Shraddha pandit. Javed Akhtar sir also attended and added glory to the function. SHREYA DI performed live .

Coming back to the review. The song is having a different kind of feel . Its sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL , Salim merchant , Sonu nigam and Shraddha pandit. This song is having a standard which can rarely be touched. The music is amazingly superb.It starts directly with Salim sir singing. I loved the pronunciation of "rakha" in "rad rakha" .On 25th sec Sonu sir continued with "ye khusi" and dragged the song further , beautifully.Its a slow and soft song. The song gives immense pleasure , i have felt. Also some English lyrics is included . On 2.02th min our melody queen grabbed the melodies. Awwww, i can say nothing more than this about her. The part sung by Shraddha pandit starts from 2.50th min, i guess it to be a sad part of the song. This part was in punjabi.  SHREYA DI came back on antra again with sonu nigam.Loved the harmony at the end, super.

Track length - 4 min 46 sec

Play online - Click here (+video)

SHREYA DI singing "rab rakha" on its music launch - Click Here  Click here
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Come fall in love - doobja (just dance)

This is an awesome 3 min running song ,sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Salim merchant and composed by Salim-sulaiman. A beautiful dance video is choreographed on it with Hrithik roshan . You can find beautiful steps done by him. The song is maximum sung by the male singer still the female one is there in it which is a big thing . This one is specially composed for the purpose of dancing so intentionally dancing beats are introduced. The song is inspiring. SHREYA DI showed her super soft part of singing here. Totally love the song.

song - Download 

force - MAIN CHALI

This Bollywood movie force is having a super beautiful song "main chali" in it directed by Harris jayaraj. I wasnt  in contact with internet when the song released . My friend brought it and played , i loved the moment when i caught it to be SHREYA DI singing that song , yayya. That was a joyful moment. Cant explain you what happened exactly , it will take more than half of the page ;) so lets step forward leaving it behind..

This song again took my heart. Its a playback but in real the lyrics totally fits SHREYA DI. Its a duet by Naresh Iyer and SHREYA GHOSHAL. The male singer starts the song, very beautifully. Real glory of the song came on 37th sec when the female singer starts with "main chali". It took me to another world. The voice is still echoing in my heart. Loved the sweetness and softness of her voice.I felt the fine vibration of her vocal cord.I felt the texture of her voice. Felt the feel, simply magic. The singing style of the male singer was totally different , he was a bit rocking and western in feel. All the soft parts were sung by SHREYA DI. The mixture of both tuff and soft voices gave a super powerful impact. The music is even more impressive . The impact of the song will stay with me forever.

Track Length - 5 min 10 sec

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baishe srabon - 2 songs

This bangla movies is having two songs sung by our melody queen SHREYA GHOSHAL. The music is composed by Anupam roy. There is a duet and a solo , i expect these songs to be super hit.

The songs "je kota din" is a duet by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Saprishi Mukherjee. First half of the song , means exactly 50% was sung by the male singer . After that SHREYA DI continued till few minutes and then again it came out to be having the contribution of both. Its a slow and calm song. You cant sense when it starts and when it ends , a magical song. I suppose it to be a love song. Felt as if melody has been added to a love story. Loved the concept , composition and ofcourse singing. Hats off.

Track Length - 4 min 05 sec

This is a solo song "Gobheere jao" sung beautifully by our melody queen SHREYA GHOSHAL. The music starts , lovely. On 30th sec SHREYA DI starts singing with "gobheere jao" , sooo sooo sweetly . You cant predict the flow of the song when you play it for the first time. It flows extremely slow and suddenly gears up to top , loved it. Higher notes are touched even. The rise in voice and a sudden fall is best done by SHREYA DI.This song impressed me a lot.

Track Length - 4 min 54 sec

Play Online -

je kota din
Gobheere jao

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GIMA (Nominations)

SHREYA DI got nominated for the category of best devotional album  for "Govardhan giridhari" along with Jagjit singh and Richa Sharma. I wish SHREYA DI win this award.... ALL THE VERY BEST ..

Other nominees are -

1 . Anjali - Paramita Majumdar
2. Govardhan giridhari - SG,Jagjit singh, Richa Sharma
3. Jag do din ka mela - Kaushiki chakrabarty
4. Nirgun - Ustad rashid khan
5. Sai ki tasveer - Richa Sharma

Sri Ramarajyam - 5 songs

This is a Telugu movie in which our melody queen got an opportunity to sing 5 songs in total. The music is composed by Ilaiyaraja sir . So lets start ..

The first song is "Jagadhananda karaka" which is a duet by SP Balasubramaniyam and SHREYA GHOSHAL.This movie is a spiritual movie so i guess all of its songs are of same type. This songs is also devotional types. Little bit classical , i felt as. This is a song dedicated to LORD. The start was good as if some movie is gonna start , got the same feel for a while. The male singer starts first continued by SHREYA DI. The song was great .

Track Length - 5 min 16 sec

The 2nd song is "Srirama lera" which is a duet by Ramu and SHREYA GHOSHAL. This comes in the same category as the previous one.This song is like a bhajan , again in dedication to GOD. You can catch the use of the word "Ram" mostly in the song . The songs flows medium fast. Again a nice composition.

Track Length - 4 min 46 sec

The 3rd song is "Devulle Mechindi" . Its again a duet by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Chitra ji.In this its a bit difficult to differentiate between the voice of SHREYA DI n Chitra ji if you are not a regular listener :) This cant be exactly called as a devotional song but is of some what the same . May be this is a song sung in order to ask something from lord. As i dont understand the language , i can only guess. Coming to the composition and singing , its superb!!

Track Length - 5 min 25 sec

The 4th songs is "Ramayanamu" which is also a duet by SHREYA and Chitra ji. Again a song for lord ram. Its a slow song . Its a little bit different with respect to composition. In the mukhda Chitra ji was followed by SHREYA DI exactly with lyrics then they sang together. The music is good. Mostly dholak is used. At a point of time the song flow extremely slow with music. It seem to be a sad song.

Track Length - 6 min 30 sec

The last song is "Seetha seemantham" . This one is a solo song. Same type of song still little different. All the songs are a bit oldie types. Hmmm yes yes the bhajan should be like this only . These songs are even better. Loved this song too, lovely sweet singing. The music is slow . Everything in it can be called as OK. :)

Track Length - 4 min 59 sec

Play Online -

Jagadhananda karaka
Srirama lera
Devulle Mechindi
Seetha seemantham