Sunday, October 24, 2010


The Annual Central European Bollywood Awards (ACEBA) are fan awards with the voters mostly from Germany , Austria and Switzerland. They are users of Bollywood forum belonging to the film website ( , organizers of ACEBAs.

Our melody queen "SHREYA GHOSHAL" won this award for her song "Zoobi Doobi" from the movie "3 idiots". The film's soundtrack was composed by Shantanu Moitra with lyrics penned by Swanand Kirkire. The song runs 4 min and 8 sec and within these few minutes it creates a space in your heart and stays there forever. It creates magic in these minutes, after all its sung by magical SHREYA GHOSHAL . Its a duet by SHREYA DI n Sonu Nigam.

Statistics -->

Best Singer Female -

1. 3 idiots - SHREYA GHOSHAL - Zoobi Doobi- 39.3%

2. Delhi 6 - Rekha Bhardwaj - Genda fool - 22.1%

3.Wake up sid - Kavitha seth - Ikatara - 14.7%

4. Kisaan - SHREYA GHOSHAL - humko Rehena hai -13.0%

5. Paa - Shilpa Rao - mudi mudi - 8.8%

6. Aagey se right - D. Bhattacharya - more piya - 2.1%

CONRATULATIONS SHREYA DI for winning this award . I wish and hope that you win more awards. All the best to you .

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Agam is a band in Bangalore, now it did a song with extremely talented National award winner , SHREYA GHOSHAL in support of breast cancer awareness. Its a great cause and they too thanked our melody queen for working with them and for creating such an awesome song. AGAM is associated with Cancer patient aid association (CPAA) to raise funds for supporting and rehabilitating cancer patients. Lets talk about the song.

This is the first time our melody queen is singing for a band and that to for a great noble cause.The song is named as "LIVE AGAIN". The music is great , loved the start . SHREYA DI starts soon on 22nd sec with "aankhon se tere", lovely. This is also a slow and soft track.The music is really awesome , after hearing it you can guess that its by a band !! :) Yes its really motivating as said by the singer itself. Its trying to give us a message, specially to the people suffering from cancer. Before 2.04th min i just felt that some chorus singer was singing along , some lines. After that the music just came to halt ,music got played on flute then again after a slight music SHREYA DI continues singing on slight tabla beats,was a bit classical.It became normal again after 2.47th sec.The song proceeds in same way !!!

Track Length - 6 min 20 sec

Download - LIVE AGAIN

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SHREYA DI's message - click here

Ramayana- The Epic

This is a 3D movie or we can say that its an animation film based on the great story RAMAYANA.This movie released this Dusshera i.e on 15th oct. I dont know about the movie but the song sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL is really great. She got a song "tu hi tu" , its a duet by SHREYA DI and KK. Music is composed by Shaarang Dev. Lets talk about the song.

This is a romantic song. Its very soft and smooth, its like a feather , so light! The music of the song starts , lovely , i guess flute has bee used at first. May be. The super sweet song continues very very long , up to 1.41th min.The male singer started singing on 1.42nd sec. The song's flow was slow and sweet, it was just flowing like brook, calm and quite! I just want you to feel the song, it feels great when you feel it than you listen or hear it. I always feel SHREYA DI's voice. Anyway, on 1.57th sec our melody queen continued with "dhadkaan ki" , loved it. The same music with some lil difference somewhere continued with some new lyrics ahead. But the feel of the song went deep. The ending was really touchy when both the singer renders "tu hi tu hai" many times.

This is really a lovely song. Once you hear it, your heart will force you to play it again and again. It has got a magic inside. After all its related with lord Ram and Sita maa. I wish all the luck to whole team of "Ramayana the epic" , Specially i want to wish "good luck" to SHREYA DI and also want to say "thanx" for giving us such a song.

Track Length - 6 min 47 sec

Play Online - Tu Hi Tu

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Surya TV Awards

Again SHREYA GHOSHAL won another award for the song "chanthu thotille" from the movie banaras. The names of the winners were announced by jury chairman and eminent actor Madhu at a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram on september 22.

CONGRATULATIONS SHREYA DIDI, you always rock !! keep rocking always!! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Action replay - 2 songs !!

This hindi movie is having 2 most best songs of all releases. They are "Baki mein bhul gayi" , which is a solo and another solo "O bekhabar". These two songs are superbly awesome :) Music is composed by Pritam, nice to see him back again with these two new releases. Hope they get more and more awards . Lets talk about the song now.

So lets talk about the first solo which is "baki main bhul gayi", its again a fast track having some soft parts within same as "sasural munia". We got lots of fast numbers, hats off. This song starts with highly volumed drum beats , on 17th sec the singer started singing with "mera mohabbat kam hai" in rocking voice and style. Its a masti song as well. The dhol beats came in between, they were amazing. The slightly soft part started on 1.23rd sec, continued a bit long and ended too. The song continued ahead in the same way.

Track Length - 3 min 43 sec

The most beautiful song "o bekhabar" , which has become my favorite in recent releases. This song is having such a lovely heart touching composition my Pritam. The voice of SHREYA GHOSHAL also touches the heart deeply. I wish to write long and long for this song, its close to my heart. I have played it more than 100 times on my phone itself and again playing it loud through speakers.The song directly starts with SHREYA DI's voice , the lines were super sweet and i felt as if they were rhyming words , hats off to the lyricist. The line says "O bekhabar o bekadar betabiyon ko na badha aa dekhle pyar ka kaisa nasha mujhpe chada", this line got a very slight music in background. The real music starts from 24th sec .The real sweetness can be felt on 43rd sec when SHREYA DI starts again, oh how sweet :) Its a sweet,soft,cute and super romantic song. Beautifully sung , she is having extreme talent. The music and the voice supported each other. Loved the ending too, music decreases slightly and the voice echoes at the end. Super singing and direction.

Track length - 4 min 29 sec

Play online -

dunno y na jaane kyun - DABI DABI

So back again to HINDI songs of SHREYA GHOSHAL from the movie "dunno y na jaane kyun". This movie is having 3 different versions of same song "dabi dabi khwahishien" being sung by SHREYA DI as solo , SHREYA DI and Shaan as duet and a trio too by SG, Nikhil and Bhiwandiwala. So something new here again . The music is composed by Nikhil. lets see , lets move .....

So at first i must talk about the solo.This is again a soft romantic track beautifully sung by melody queen. The music starts as usual but with some difference , the music include lyrics saying "sayyiyan" in background. On 27th sec SHREYA DI starts singing english lyrics , "tell me tell me you love me".Then after sometime she caught hindi lyrics. This so touching song, the lyrics have a great meaning and the singer tried the best to include her emotions and also succeed in making it lively.I love the sound modulation done by the female singer, waaow. Again on 1.03rd sec the english lyrics appeared again.This has been sung with extreme extreme feelings. I am unable to speak more about this song, having less knowledge on music i can just say this much. And i am sure that you all must surely have loved this song. The melodious english lines were too sweet. Overall i loved the song very much.

Track Length - 6 min 45 sec

So lets come over the duet of the same song sung by SHREYA DI and Shaan. This has the same start as in solo. The english lyrics is being sung by Shaan here. On 1.16th min SHREYA DI starts singing and continues, she also took part in singing the western lyrics ahead in the song. The duet is same as solo, just here we got a male singer singing some parts. Rest all same.

Track Length - 6 min 45 sec

And at the end we got our third version of the same song being sung by three singers, SHREYA GHOSHAL, Nikhil and Bhiwandiwala. It starts with a different tune with same lyrics .

Track Length - 6 min 45 sec

I dont understand what the need of making 3 different versions of a same song, i dont have any idea on this. There must be some reasons behind it. Loved all the three version specially the solo.Hats off to the composer,singers and the lyricist. All did fab job together.

Play online - dabi dabi (duet)

veera parampare - THANGALLIYALLI

So back with kannada song from the movie "veera parampare ", the movie sounds like the song "pam para ra" frm jhootha he sahi haha :D The music is composed by S.Narayan. This is a duet by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Karthik.

This song is again a mixture of kannada and english and got a western touch too. On 19th sec SHREYA DI started singing, again soft. Soon on 55th sec the male singer got his chance to sing, he repeats the same lines sung by our melody queen. Love the mixture of western and kannada music together. The song gave a naughty feeling :P Nothing to say much, baas this much only. Song is great, music is good. Hats off to both the singers and the MD too.

Track Length - 4 min 22 sec

Play Online - thangalliyalli


Back to a Tamil song. This month is a lovely month, many songs in many different languages released. We got so many hindi songs , bangla songs , telugu song and this one is tamil. Kannada song is yet to come within my other posts. This track "neeyum naanum" is from the movie "mynaa" being sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL and benny dayal.Its composed by D.Imman.

Again a simply lovable song, music is great and the singers are the best. The male singer starts on 6th sec after a simple short span music , he starts with "neeyum naanum". Music was very light as compared with the voice. On 23rd sec our melody queen started softly, nicely sung. On 37th sec the song rises fast and gathered more power. Again it turned soft on 1.04 th min . This is is different from other songs though its soft in type, unable to differentiate. The song proceeds the same way it started . Loved SHREYA DI pronouncing "neeyum naanum" , so cute and soft in tone. End was very nice.

Track Length - 4 min 59 sec

Play online - neeyum naanum

prem by chance - URI URI

This is a bangla song "uri uri hoy mon ghuri" from the movie "prem by chance" , its a duet by shaan and SHREYA GHOSHAL. The music is composed by Rupankar. Before also we got many many sweet bangla songs from these two singers , so expecting more ! :)

This song is a mixture of bangla nad english languages. Its a rocking kind of song. Some computer formed tune played during the start and soon on 19th sec shaan starts.This is the title song of the movie. Quite enjoyable. And on 2.11th min SHREYA DI starts singing, she got her chance late in the middle of the song.I loved the way she pronounced the bengali and english words. The song rocked more at its end, its the harmony who made the song more rocking. Hats off to SHREYA GHOSHAL.

Track length - 4 min 14 sec


This is a different movie on snakes , mallika sherawat played the role here and also has a song in this movie. This movie contains only 4 songs by four different female singers . SHREYA DI also got a song "lagi lagi milan dhun" composed by Anu Malik. Nice to see him back after long. Nice to see Pritam too , so old composers are back . Lets see whats there in the song.

This is a song based on on nagins and nags or we can say snakes. Nice music by Anu sir. He added the tune of nagin or nagin effect in the start from 17th sec to 52 nd sec , this tune was a new one with some tabla beats, nice.On 53rd sec our melody queen involved herself with the tune and continued singing sweetly. On 2.23rd sec the song slowed down a lil and came to soft mode. This part was just like part of other song. Then again the nagin tune played with huge beats. On 4.19th min the beats grew more fast. Now again the nagin tune too grew very fast on 4.52th sec. I loved the whole song but specially the mukhada.

So this is also a new type of song, happy to add this too in my collection. SHREYA DI is highly versatile. DI you rock always !! :)

Track Length - 6 min 4 sec

Play online - lagi lagi milan dhun

life express - PYAR KA NAMAK

So again its a hindi song, waaow so much releases. This is from from the movie "life express" sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Udit narayan. I was aware of its release from very long, happy to hear the song. Music has been composed by Roop kumar Rathod, he is the person who has an awesome duet with our melody queen in the movie "Veer". Its "salam aaya", great song.

This is a super romantic song.It starts with an unique tune continued by vocals of Udit sir on 29th sec , loved the start. Again the song is of soft romantic kind. Music is also very soft.On 1.14th min our melody queen caught her melodies softly and firmly. The song continues with some more sweetness. Its a song of love. The way of directing the song was really appreciable and singing was undoubtedly nice. The ending was great when both the singers repeated the same line alternatively.

Track length - 5 min 31 sec

Play online - pyar ka namak


So there are many many releases this month. Many new songs got released and many yet to. This song "sasural munia" is very lucky to be released here along with all these releases :) This is from the movie "Aakrosh" . Music is composed by Pritam. This is a very lovely song and very nice to see pritam back again with superb compositions.

So lets start. hmm this is a fun song and can be counted as a fast number. Many fast numbers came up for SHREYA DI now, she always proves her versatility. Hats off to her. This is again a fast no. but of different kind. This songs moves very fast and includes superb music. You can also find sweetness within. This song starts with amazing music and suddenly the vocals came up. Loved the music and the way of singing the most. A tune of flute played on 1.02th sec with modern feel and continued. The soft part of the song starts from 1.40th min. It explained the characters of the groom i guess. Then the fast melody continued again and soon after that the soft part came again from 3.16th min. Its a super enjoyable song. I am happy to get such songs from SHREYA DI, hats off. I hope she does more songs of same type. She rocks everywhere and good at every kind of song. End was also rocking.

Nice to hear this song. Really loved it too much. Played this song many times keeping it in repeat mode. After a long time hearing a Pritam - SG combo, hope we get more songs !!

Track Length - 5 min 09 sec

Play it online - sasural munia


Here again comes another hindi song by SHREYA DI which is a solo being composed by Bappa Lahiri, he recently composed "ghar dil me" with SHREYA GHOSHAL.

This is a very very sweet,touching and lovely song. Its of another kind. It has got sad effects and is very haunting.It starts with good music played on piano and the beats got added to it and then the vocals, superb increment. Our melody queen started very softly on 35th sec and continued. She raised her voice high to sing some parts, superbly done. The song played on the same music till the end and with the same flow. Loved the lyrics too. You need to play it with "Bass" effect, it sounds awesome. Solos of SHREYA DI rocks always, this one will also rock. She added lots of feel to this song, just feel it. Loved the song very much, happy to add it in my song collection.

Track Length - 4 min 59 sec

Play it online - pyar itna na kar


Again a song from bangla movie "Arohan". Its a solo song. Music is composed by Suparno Kanti Ghosh. This is a song in HINDI but in a bangla movie , something different :) Lets see whats special in this song and many more.

So here comes a new concept of adding hindi songs in bangla movie, hmmm nothing is impossible as SHREYA DI is there. The song starts beautifully , superb humming then slowly the music starts and tune increases continued by beautiful humming again. This is a sweet romantic song. The songs says "dil ko chura ke chale jana na". Awesome music by the director, nicely used the instruments. Its a slow track,soothing and touching.

Track Length - 4 min 35 sec


This is a new bengali song by SHREYA DI and Bappi Lahiri . Music is composed by Bappi sir only. It is from the movie Bejonma having 6 songs in total. Wished to get more bangla songs in this by our melody queen, but still happy for this awesome song.

Loved the start, nice music, nice beats. On 36th sec the male singer started singing in a very high pitch and remained in that same pitch throughout the song except some places.Up to 1.19th min the male singer continued and it was just sounding like some prayers going on or what we call it as "yaagya".On 1.20th sec our melody queen started singing on the same tune. Loved her singing. The song is having some horror tune and the music too, i felt so. I am disappointed with this but ending was slight good.I wrote what i felt. But SHREYA DI was super fab,cute and sweet as usual.

Track Length - 6 min 41 sec

Play Online - Priter eto jala re

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brindavanam - EYI RAJA

So back again with a telugu track from the movie "Brindavanam" . This is a duet by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Shankar Mahadevan with some other singers too. Song is composed by Thaman S.

Lyricist - Anantha Sriram

"Eyi Raja" is a fun song, lots of dancing there in it. The song starts with voice of some other singer,was pleasing.On 27th sec SHREYA DI sweetly started adding sweetness to the song, the lyrics was just like rhyme :) Its a rocking song. Loved the effect on singing "Eyi Raja" by the male singer. Music is nice. Loved the lyrics too. Ending of the song was very touching.And loved that part the most when she pronounces "Suride suride".

Hmmmm only this much to say about this song. The song includes some other singers too. Its difficult to recognize who is singing when. To be frank i too got very lil confused while recognizing SHREYA DI's voice :( but got it cleared at last.Song is great,music is good and singing is the best. Hats off to SHREYA GHOSHAL.

Track Length- 5 min

Play online - Eyi Raja

Jhootha hi sahi - 2 songs again :):)

In this SHREYA DI is having 2 songs , 1 is duet and other one is a solo. These songs also released in the month of september. These songs are very unique,directed by A R Rahman. These two songs are very close to me, these released when i was in hostel . I wasn't having net access on my phone, but anyway got the songs that day only :) So lets start..

The first song is "Cry Cry" sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Rashid Ali . This has got a western name but the song is a mixture of Hindi and English(very less) languages. This is a very new type of composition and i am sure that people liked this more. Rashid sir start singing with "rote kaiko hum" , his voice is different and soft, fits the song. On 14th sec onwards the music of the song starts with tabla beats. Then starts the song with "Cry Cry". I loved the lyrics very much, it tried to give a message too. This is very soft kind of song, can say delicate :D On 2.37th min our melody queen had a great start. She sounds very very very cute here in this song. Its so lovely when she says "rote kaiko hum" . The song ends with beautiful humming then a part of lyrics and then a music piece of flute.

Track Length - 4 min 28 sec

The next song is "pam para ra" , its a fast number beautiful sung by our melody queen. I loved the music and loved the singing more than that. This song is full of fun and masti . It will make you dance, extremely enjoyable.SHREYA DI is great. Just imagine her recording this song in studios , she must have involved herself in dancing. Nothing to tell more about this song, everything is just superb.

Track length - 4 min 9 sec

I am really happy for SHREYA DI as she is singing so so so so well as she always does. Just dont know what to say about her talent , she always rocks. And special thanks to RAHMAN sir for choosing SHREYA DI for these two songs. This time too ARR sir tried something new. So all the very best and i expect more awards :)

Play online -

Anwar - 2 songs !!

This movie Anwar got 2 songs sung by SHREYA DI. These songs were the most awaited one and there were many confusions regarding its release dates and all. But finally it got released having 6 songs and 2 of which are super songs as its sung by our melody queeen. These songs are directed by Gopi sundar.

Lyricist - Rafeeq Ahmed

The first song is "Kizhakku pookkum" is sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL,Navin Iyer,Sabari brothers ,Raqeeb Alam. This is a very sweet song. This songs starts with a short sargam with some clapping tunes. On 14th sec onwards the tune on harmonium played and our melody queen started singinh on 20th sec. Her sound was so soft,cute and clear. It was sounding as if lil SHREYA DI is singing at her age of 19 or 20 :) it was really too sweet listening her singing. The song continues with the same clapping and slight music, but the voice was more loud and clear. On 46th sec she again gave a small sweet laughter :) Nice music with nice instruments, you can also hear tabla beats . Beautifully sung , waow. On 3.08th sec the male singer involved himself in singing a sargam again which continued up to 3.21th min and soon after he ends , on 3.22th sec our melody queen caught melodies. On 4.12th sec , i just heard a sweet "HAYE" from SG included in the lyrics , it was super sweet.

Track Length - 5 min 7 sec

The next song is "Kanninima" sung by SHREYA DI and Naresh Iyer. This song starts with a unique music tune , i think it was sound of beats on empty pot. It was something new and great.On 20th sec our melody queen started with slight humming and on 31th sec she started singing. This is also a sweet and soft song. Male singer got his chance on 1.26th min. Love the music between 1.54th min to 2.28th min, it was the combination of fast on slow music. Loved the ending of the song too but i feel that the compostion could have been more better :)

Track Length - 3 min 53 sec

Play online -

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kis hudh tak - CHORI CHORI

Hey friends i am back again with some new posts, i was absent for long...very long. Sorry for not updating my blog. I got back for very less days and planned to post about all the old and latest releases. So lets start..........

This is a song which released in september 2010. This is from the movie "Kis hudh tak" sung by our "SHREYA DI" and Abhijeet da. This song is directed by Abid Shah.

The music start was good.On the 22nd sec Abhijeet sir started singing. This is a very soft and slow song. Its very romantic too. Both the singers added sweetness to it. The music is also appreciable. Abhijeet da ends his lines on 38th sec with a humming tone and on 39th sec SHREYA DI started singing with the same humming tune, i loved this part. She sounds so sweet, wow. After so many days got a chance again to express what i think about SHREYA DI :D This is is a short one but it penetrates deep in heart, so touching :) On 1 min 59th sec you can experience a mini laughter by our melody queen, so cute.

Track Length - 3 min 35 sec

Play online - chori chori