Friday, February 8, 2013

Mirchi music awards 2013

"Agneepath" got the award for album of the year and our MELODY QUEEN is a part of it.

The song "RADHA" got the award for "world wide listeners' choice - song of the year" sung by our SHREYA DI from the movie "student of the year"

"student of the year" got an award for "world wide listeners' choice- album of the year" and happily SHREYA DI is a part of it.

our melody queen SHREYA GHOSHAL won the award for "female vocalist of the year" for the most beautiful item number "chikni chameli" from the movie "Agneepath" .

congratulations SHREYA DI for winning this award :)


Movie - Bloody Issqh
Song - Baadalon ki hai saazish
Singers - Sonu nigam and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Music - Ashok Bhadra
Language - Hindi
Year - 2013

The song has got a western start . Then it has got a smooth swift to desi beats by Sonu Nigam. He was brilliant in the track. The song is inbuilt with western touch all over. SHREYA DI also did a fantastic work, she was very good in vocals as always . Indeed she is the SWEETEST ever female playback singer !! :)

Track Length - 5 min 07 sec

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

zila ghaziabad - RANJHA JOGI

Movie - Zila Ghaziabad
Song - Ranjha Jogi
Singers - Sonu Nigam and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Music - Amjad Nadeem
Language - Hindi
Year - 2013

This is also a slow song. Its a sad romantic number. The song is good but not the best . Again i wont say much about this song. SHREYA DI as always did a great job. But the song is having a different kind of magic. If you play it you just feel it should continue...i felt that !!

Track Length - 4 min 44 sec

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special26 - GORE MUKHDE PE

Movie - Special26
Song - gore mukhde pe zulfaan di chaavan
Singer - SHREYA GHOSHAL, Aman trikkha and Shabab Sabri
Music - Himesh Reshmmiya
Language - Hindi
Year - 2013

This is a typical punjabi number. A slow song. The song could have been better. I always support SHREYA as she is the most perfect personality in music industry . Still the song is not up to the mark , i am not sound technically . I am just speaking in general . May be there are some flaws in music composition ..
I am sorry if i am wrong anyway !!

Track Length - 4 min 6 sec

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mumbai mirror - THUMKA

Movie -Mumbai Mirror
Song - Thumka
Music - Amjad Nadeem
Language - Hindi
Year - 2012

Track Length - 4 min 26 sec

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naayak - SUBHALEKHA RASSUKUNA (telugu)

Movie - Nayaak
Song - Subhalekha rassukuna
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL , Haricharan
Music - S S Thaman
Language - Telugu
Year - 2012

Track Length - 4 min 40 sec

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daray daray yeh naina (pakastani song)

Ost - daray daray yeh naina
Music - Owais masood
Language - Hindi
Year - 2012

This is a Pakistani song sung by our melody queen :)
This proves music has no barriers !!

Track Length - 5 min 45 sec

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bangari - YENELLA HELONA (kannada)

Movie - Bangari
Song - yenella helona
Singer - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Sonu Nigam
Music - A M Neel
Language - Kannada
Year - 2012

Track Length - 4 min 10 sec

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Dabangg 2 - two songs

Movie - Dabangg 2

1st song - Dagabaaz re
Singers - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Track Length - 4 min 54 sec

The song starts with male singer slowly and suddenly goes to high scale. Even SHREYA DI did an awesome work in this song. This song just resembles to the song "tere mast mast do nain" in "dabangg" . This is a slow romantic song . Its beautiful .

2nd song - Pandey ji seeti
Singers - Mamta Sharma , Wajid and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Track Length - 4 min 17 sec

This is a dancing number. It has a bihar feeling in it with full of energy. Mamta Sharma got almost equal parts to sing as SHREYA DI ,but she was there to give a sweet touch to the song with her voice. The music was great , they mixed up the part of the song "chalat musafir mohliyo re" in this song in a different way. The instruments used , the way they were played , the mixing , rendering , vocal effect all together came up positively . Hats off :)

Music - Sajid Wajid
Language - Hindi
Year - 2012

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Dagabaaz re
Pandey ji seeti 

suruchi sangha puja theme song

Album - Suruchi Sangha
Song - Fulche Sagor
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and sonu nigam
Music - Jeet Ganguly
Language - Bangla
Year - 2012

This is devotional song for the eve of DURGA PUJO. This is the only song in the album.

Track Length - 4 min 10 sec

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khiladi 786 - 2 songs

Movie - Khiladi 786

1st song - Balma
Singers - Shriram chandra and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Track Length - 3 min 46 sec

This song is a duet by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Indian Idol winner Sriram. This is an awesome item number . I loved the throw of SHREYA DI's voice, mind blowing. The male singer tried to catch up and fit into the song. Its almost similar to the R D Burman song "mehbooba mehbooba" from Sholay. The part "fire brigade mangwade tu" is amazingly rendered.

2nd song - Tu hoor pari
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL , Javed Ali , Chandrakala Singh and Harshdeep Kaur
Track Length - 5 min 23 sec

This is a punjabi based romantic song. It has a lil touch of qwali style . Its sung by four singers together. The part sung by SHREYA DI is like heaven.She sounds cute.She is having a pure divine voice. The composition is excellent.

Music - Himesh Reshammiya
Language - Hindi
Year - 2012

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Tu hoor pari

neer paravai - PARA PARA (tamil)

Movie - Neer paravai
Song - Para para
Music - N R Raghunanthan
Language - Tamil
Year - 2012

There are three versions of this song . One is male version sung by G V Prakash , another one is sung by our melody queen and its also having a sad version sung by Chimayi .

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nine one six(916) - NAATTUMAVILORU MAINA (malayalam)

Movie - nine one six
Song - naattumaviloru maina
Music - M Jayachandran
Language - Malayalam
Year - 2012

Track Length - 4 min 06 sec

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krishnam vande jagadgurum - SYE ANDRE NANNU (telugu)

Movie - krishnam vande jagadgrum
Song - sye andre nannu
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL , rahul and dipu
Music - Mani Sharma
Language - Telugu
Year - 2012

Track Length - 4 min 57 sec

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aadhibhagavan - ORU THULI (tamil)

Movie - aadhibhagavan
Song - oru thuli
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Sharib
Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language - Tamil
Year - 2012

Track Length - 4 min 53 sec

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paanch adhyay - 2 songa (bangla)

Movie - panch adhyay

1st song - baavri

2nd song - agantuk
Singers - shaan and SHREYA GHOSHAL

Language - Bengali
Music - Shantanu moitra
Year - 2012

Play Online -

Baavri  (4 min 4 sec)
Agantuk  ( 3 min 48 sec)

prem mayee - 2 songs

Movie - prem mayee

1st song - pal chinn
Singers - Abhishek ray and SHREYA GHOSHAL

2nd song - prem mayee rajani

Language - Hindi
Music - Abhishek Ray
Year - 2012

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pal chinn
prem mayee rajani

therodum veedhiyile - ENGIRUNTHU (tamil)

Movie - therodum veedhiyile
Song - engirunthu
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Hariharan
Language - Tamil
Music - D Imman
Year - 2012

Track Length - 5 min 25 sec

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mynaa - 3 songs

Movie - Mynaa

1st Song - Modala Maleyanthe (duet)
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Sonu Nigam
Track Length - 4 min 58 sec

2nd Song - Modala Maleyanthe (solo)

3rd Song - o premada poojari
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Nithya Menon
Track Length - 3 min 57 sec

Language - Kannada
Music - Jassie Gift
Year - 2012

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Modala Maleyanthe (duet)
Modala Maleyanthe (solo)
o premada poojari

ekla akash - EKLA AKASH (bangla)

Movie - elka akash
Song - ekla akash
Music - jeet ganguly
language - bangla

This song is having two versions. Male version is sung by Sandipan Roy.

Track Length - 3 min 45 sec

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

prem adda - 2 songs

Movie - prem adda

1st song - badigege
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and prem
Track Length - 4 min 04 sec

2nd song - kalli ivallu
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL and sonu nigam
Track Length - 5 min 15 sec

Music - V Harikrishna
Language - Kannada

Play Online -

kalli ivallu (+video)

aiyyaa - MAHEK BHI

Movie - aiyyaa
Song - mahek bhi
Music - Amit trivedi
Year - 2012

Its a bit different kind of song. It starts with mild music and whistles. SHREYA DI starts very late after the music with a very soft tone. The song moves slow. This song expresses happiness in a different way. Effortless singing. Some male voice can be heard which acts as support to the song.

Track Length - 5 min 17 sec

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isqh in paris - KUDIYE DI KURTI

Movie - isqh in paris
Song - kudiye di kurti
Singer - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Sonu nigam
Music - Sajid Wajid
Year - 2012

This song has got some punjabi flavor. Its a dancing number with a touch of romance. The male singer is having a lot more to sing than the female still its a perfect duet.

Track Length - 4 min 40 sec

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Movie - heroine
Song - khwahishein
Music Director - Salim sulaiman
Year - 2012

The songs got a divine start. The song starts slow and after few seconds it lifts up. The voice in it has the purity . Fabulous composition. Flawless singing ...

Track Length - 3 min 59 sec

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jabardasth - ALLAH ALLAH (telugu)

Movie - jabardasth
Song - allah allah
Singers - SHREYA GHOSHAL , naveen madhav and ranjith
Music director - thaman s s
Language - telugu
Year - 2013

Track length - 4 min 06 sec

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ale - MANADHA HAVAMAANA (kannada)

Movie - ale
Song - manadha havamanna
Language - kannada
Composer - Mano murthy
Year - 2013

This song is having two versions . The male version is sung by Sonu Nigam.

Track Length - 3 min 50 sec

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zee cine awards 2013

SHREYA GHOSHAL won the zee cine award 2013 as best female playback singer for the song "saans" from the movie "jab tak hai jaan" .

The song "radha" from the movie "student of the year" also won the award for song of the year which was sung by our melody queen.

again many many congratulations for the award !! :)

padhe padhe - MANASAGIDEYO (kannada)

Movie - padhe padhe
Song - manasagideyo
Singer - SHREYA GHOSHAL and Kunal ganjawala
Language - kannada
Composer - sathi saryan

Track length - 4 min 40 sec

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lensman virtual cine award 2012

SHREYA DI won the lensman virtual cine award 2012 for the malayalam song "pathirayo" from the movie "Bachelor party".

many many congratulations :)  

vetriselvan - MEGATHILAE (tamil)

Movie - vetriselvan
Song - megathilae
Language - Tamil
Music Director - mani sharma

Track length - 3 min 51 sec

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Asia vision award 2012

SHREYA DI won Asia vision awards for two malayalam songs .
first one is "cham chaam" from the movie "mallusingh"
and the second one is "nilaave nilaave" from "chattakari" ....

many many congratulations SHREYA DI on winning this award :) 

people's choice awards 2012

This "people's choice award" was celebrated first time in India. These were awarded to honor people in sports , music , television and movies . SHREYA GHOSHAL also received this award for her sizzling song "chikni chameli" from he movie "agneepath" .

Many many CONGRATULATIONS SHREYA DI for this achievement !!

jab tak hai jaan - SAANS

Movie - jab tak hai jaan
Song - saans
Singer - SHREYA GHOSHAL and mohit chauhan
Music Director - A R Rahman
Lyricist - Gulzar
Year - 2012

All the maestros in music industry are involved in making this song saans, A R Rahman , Gulzar and SHREYA GHOSHAL. The is a love song very very beautifully sung . Its reflects the love between the couple and the extent one can be loved. It is a soft romantic number which is the best among all the songs in this movie. The way the song has got its start is awesome , SHREYA DI starts with "saaaaans" which was purely divine , it took me to another world. Mohit chauhan provided a good support. The song kept flowing at same pace till the end.

Track Length - 5 min 23 sec

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mon kemoner station - BANGLA ALBUM

Album - Mon kemoner station
Music director - Joy sarkar
Lyrics - Srijato
Label - Asha audio company
Release year - September 2012

This is a bangla album having 8 songs in total. All sung by our melody queen SHREYA GHOSHAL.

Play online -

Song 1 - dyekho (4 min 40 sec)
Song 2 - ja khushi saratadin (4 min 58 sec)
Song 3 - Bandhu kotha rakhis (4 min 50 sec)
Song 4 - Chithira chillo elomelo (4min 07 sec)
Song 5 - Chokhher bali (5 min 53 sec)
Song 6 - Sondhye naame (5 min 14 sec)
Song 7 - aaj benche na
Song 8 - mon kemoner station  (4 min 38 sec)

barfi - AASHIYAN

Movie - barfi
Song - aashiyan
Singer - Nikhil paul george and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Music director - Pritam da
Year - 2012

The song starts with music in oldies flavor and suddenly jumps into fast music but still the song took us to old golden days. The song is very cute,just like our SHREYA DI. Beautifully composed and carefully executed. Loved it. The co singer too did a great job. He tried to keep western accent while singing in hindi. just AWESOME :)

Duration - 3 min 57 sec

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