Monday, May 28, 2012


This is an music album having 24 devotional songs sung by various talented playback singers. This is devoted to SRI SATHYA SAI BABA. SHREYA DI is having 2 beautiful bhajans in it.

Album - Sri sathya sai namsankirtan
Language - hindi

1st bhajan - jai jai vaishnavi devi maa
Singer - SHREYA DI
2nd bhajan - Chita chora yasoda
Singer - SHREYA DI

You can purchase the CDs from market. It will cost you around Rs 295. Its a pack of two CDs. Hope you get yours soon and start listening to the songs.


Movie - Kalilalam
Language - Malayalam
Song - thoovelli kasavulla
Music director - Ousephachan
Year - may 2012

This is an awesome Malayalam song. The song starts with a most gorgeous aalap, it continued very long which i felt really nice in the song. It touched higher scale and lower part too. The harkats were amazing . The sweet voice again flowed with the music , slow. It also included sargam which was fantastic too. Our melody queen's voice was exactly matching with the girl in the movie. This song is on a girl performing on the stage , a live performance.

Track length - 5 min 5 sec

Play online - thoovelli kasavulla

Saturday, May 26, 2012

iifa 2012 nominations !! :)

Two most beautiful songs sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL has been nominated for IIFA 2012 , which is one of the most prestigious awards in music as well as film industry.
The songs "Teri meri" from "bodyguard" and "ooh lala" from "dirty picture" are too too lucky for getting SHREYA DI's voice and nomination in IIFA. :)

The nominations are -
1. Darling (7 khoon maaf) - usha uttup & Rekha bhardwaj
2.Teri meri (bodyguad) - SHREYA GHOSHAL
3. te amo (dum maro dum) sunidhi chauhan
4. katiya karu (rockstar) - katiya karun
5. ooh lala (dirty picture) - SHREYA GHOSHAL

Getting two nominations itself is a very big achievement. Further i just pray and wish that this time the award must be won by our melody queen.

for more help regarding this please check the official site for IIFA - click here 

Play the songs here -
Teri meri
Ooh lala 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

teri meri kahani - 2 songs

Movie - teri meri kahani
Language - Hindi

1st song - humse pyar karle tu
Singers - Wajid , Mika , Shabir bro & SHREYA GHOSHAL
2nd song - that's all i really wanna do
Singers - shaan and SHREYA DI

Music director - Sajid wajid
Year - may 2012

The first song is "humse pyar kar le tu" . Its a HAPPY song ;) This is a output by various talented singers along with very talented "SHREYA DI" . It starts well and initially it gave a qwali feeling. SHREYA DI was also awesome . Mika also did a great job with singing in some high scales. The song starts with a sher and pulled forward with a reply, with a sher back in female voice and the song continues. I again felt the sweetness in SHREYA DI's voice which again gave me goosebumps . Seriously , there is something different in her voice. The purity , the essence ...ahh. At the end the background alaap was amazing.

Track length - 5 min 44 sec

I love this song a lot in this movie. When i got both of the songs , i played this one many many times. I felt some happiness in it. Its having "english" lyrics too. The song starts with the same and then got down to hindi. Its a romantic masti song. LOVELY song . The music , singing , lyrics , all awesome . The way it should come out , it came.

Track length - 3 min 55 sec

Play online -
humse pyar karle tu (video)
that's all i really wanna do

bachelors party - KAARMUKILIL

Movie - bachelor's party
Language - Malayalam
Song - kaarmukilil (paathirayo paakalaayi)
Singer - nikhil mathew & SHREYA DI
Music director - Rahul raj
Year - may 2012

The song "kaarmukilil" is a duet . Its a romantic song , it just shows a love story . A story in which a boy and a girl fell in love , they experienced the pleasure of love , got a child . Just i can say , i got to see a phase of life in it. The song is simply awesome . The music is lovely. If you simply hear the song then you may feel its a sad song but as i saw the video so i can judge it better :)

Track length - 4 min 40 sec

Play online - Click here (video) 

arjun the warrior prince - 2 songs

The movie "Arjun-the warrior prince" is a animated mythological action film.

Movie - Arjun the warrior prince (animated)
Language - Hindi

1st Song - Manva
Singer - Swanand kirkire & SHREYA GHOSHAL
2nd song - Kabhi na dekhe hastinapur mei
Singer - SHREYA DI ,Sunidhi chauhan,Shubha mudgal & lla arun

Music director - Vishal Shekhar
Year - may 2012

The very first song "manva" is simply amazing . I can say its a FOOD song... lol. A song in which arjun's masti time is well described,i guess. Swanand did a fantastic job in it. The song starts with music on dholak and soon after that loved the male part, lovely. Sung so well. The song kept on flowing and again the male singer took it forward. I just noticed the variations in voice of male singer , confused whether its only swanand :/ I loved the flow of the song , was fantastic. I was just giving small jerks to my body while listening. SHREYA DI came in the track on 2.19th min with a sweet sargam. I loved that part when she just stopped the sargam and sang the next line , awesome. She was sweetest in her voice. And then again the male singer took over and continued till the end. Little disappointed as SHREYA DI has got a less than 1 min part in it.

Track Length - 4 min 29 sec

The next song " Kabhi na dekhe hastinapur mein" is duet again . The name itself seems interesting . It starts with a peculiar kind of music. This song can also represent SHREYA DI's versatility. Its well composed and nicely sung by both the singers. I enjoyed a lot while i was playing this song. It has got a constant flow. Felt like someone else is also there to assist their singing . Loved the dialogues , just fantastic. Overall i loved it :)

Track Length - 3 min

Play Online -
Kabhi na dekhe hastinapur mei


Monday, May 14, 2012

rowdy rathore - 4 songs

Movie : Rowdy rathore
Language : Hindi

1st song : Dhandang dhang
Singer : Wajid n SHREYA GHOSHAL
2nd song : Chammak challo
Singer : Kumar sanu and SHREYA GHOSHAL
3rd song : Tera isqh bada teekha
Singer: Javed ali and SHREYA GHOSHAL
4th song: Chandaniya (Lori lori)
Singer : SHREYA DI

Music director : Sajid wajid
Year : 2012

The first song "dhandang dhang" is a rowdy type song. The song starts with a music as played in festive gatherings , that dholak kinda tunes. Its a very enjoyable song , SHREYA DI too must have enjoyed loads while recording it. The tunes , music , lyrics , singing everything is top class. It includes soft parts too . A perfect duet . Rowdiness was totally visible in female voice. This can also be an example for her versatility.

The second song is very sweet. Kumar sanu came back after a long long time , so we are glad he is back .The song directly starts with the lyrics. I loved the line "baja re baja re baaand baja" ;) The antras were with male voice i.e sanu sir. The song is awesome.

The 3rd songs is also a good one. Got its start with a lovely music. Its a different kind of song , felt it but unable to express.

The last song is a solo. This song also have something special in it. This is a slow kind of song.

Play Here -

Dhandang dhang
Chammak challo
Tera isqh bada teekha
Chandaniya (Lori lori)



Movie : 3
Language : Hindi
Song : Ai raat dheere chal (touch of love)
Singer : Roop kumar rathore and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Music director : Anirudh
Year : 2012

3 is a telugu movie in which SHREYA DI is having a song "Nee pata" which is having its hindi version titled as "aai raat dheere chal" sung by the same singers.

Everything is same in the song except the language , that was in Telugu and this is its Hindi translation.

Download - Click here

mallu singh - CHAM CHAM

Movie : Mallu singh
language : Malayalam
Song : cham cham chamak
Singer : Yesudas and SHREYA DI
Music director : M Jayachandran
Year : 2012

The song starts with good music followed by SHREYA DI singing with "cham cham" . Super as usual . It also has some hindi lyrics in between the malayalam lyrics. The songs flows slow. The song gives immense pleasure.The song continues up to 4 min 3 sec with SHREYA DI and then after that the male voice took over and it was also so beautiful to hear. The antras were with male voice , only the last part for few seconds. Overall it was flawless, hats off !!

Track length - 4 min 50 sec

Play - cham cham chamak

kiladi kitty - MADHURA HUCHCHU

Movie : Kiladi kitty
Language : Kannada
Song : madhura huchchu
Singer : SHREYA GHOSHAL & tippu
Music director : Jassie gift
Year : 2012

GIFTH 2012 (award)

GIFTH stands for "Global Indian Film and television honours" . our melody queen got this award for the song "teri meri" from the movie "bodyguard" .


video - Click here

Sunday, May 13, 2012

le haula le - CHUPI CHUPI

Movie : le haula le
Language: Bangla
Song: Chupi chupi
Singer: Mohit Chauhan and SHREYA DI
Music director: Jeet Ganguly
Year : 2012

Got its start with Mohit sir's humming . Soon after SHREYA DI started fast and continued. Nice song , loved SHREYA DI more in this. Her singing was comparatively faster than the male singer. Overall a great song to play.

Track Length - 4 min 3 sec

Play here - Chupi chupi

dangerous ishq - 2 songs

Movie : Dangerous ishq
Language : Hindi

1st song : naina re
Singers : Himesh , Rahat sir and SHREYA DI

2nd song : Lagan lagi more piya
Singers : Shahab sabri and SHREYA GHOSHAL

Music director : Himesh

The first song "naina re" is the most beautiful and most romantic song in this movie. SHREYA DI starts the song softly and slowly. The Himesh sir took on the vocals and continued with the song giving some higher and lower scales. I am really very happy and i feel really great to witness such purity in her voice, i find myself very lucky. Emotions being conveyed can clearly be identified. Felt the song and can came with a conclusion that the song can percolate in anybody's heart easily !! :) Rahat sir had a few parts to sing such as that "naina re" part . It was not too easy to spot out who is actually singing among the males at one go without clearly listening it.

Track length - 5 min 33 sec

The next song "Lagan lagi more piya" is also very beautiful still its just below "naina re" . The song directly starts with male voice in high scale , slow again. Music is really nice. Seems to be a semi classical song. The end was super hit , an end with an alaap.

track length - 6 min 17 sec.

Play here -

naina re
Lagan lagi more piya

ishaqzaade - 2 songs

Movie : ishaqzaade
Language : Hindi

Song : ishaqzaade (title song)
Singer : Javed ali, SHREYA DI

2nd Song: Jhalla wallah

Music director : Amit tivedi

The title songs seem to be very awesome. The song is inspiring , just felt as if its trying to convey some message, it isn't true. Just felt. The song started slow with music and slow came on to male voice. Loved the lyrics. The antra was sung by SHREYA DI . This part was really superb , beautiful , magnificent. There is still a little disappointment that she had a very little part in the song.

The next song "jhalla wallah" is a very different kind of song. Again i am glad that everyone will again get a live chance to witness the versatility SHREYA DI is having from within. I dont know how to describe it exactly , i can just say its semi qwaali ;) The song starts extremely slow. The effects placed in between are worth listening .  The harkat which SHREYA DI was taking were really too difficult . The way she did this song is the part which took my heart with it. The way she sang , the accent etc You can only get what i meant if you yourself play the song. A very different kind of song it is , a modern kwaali. The dialogues delivered were also too sexy.

Play here -

ishaqzaade (title song)
 Jhalla wallah


Movie : 3
Language : Telugu
Song :Nee pata madhuram
Singer : Roop kumar rathod , SHREYA GHOSHAL
Music director : Anirudh

The song started with slow music included with a sweet humming by SHREYA DI which continued up to 36 sec. And after 18th sec the music jumped on to faster track. The song is slow . Both the voice involved in it are too soft and sensible. I loved the song still i can say it could have been more better . :)

Play here : Nee pata madhuram

tezz - TERE BINA

Movie : tezz
Language : Hindi
Song : Tere bina(female version)
Music director : Sajid wajid
Year : 2012

This song TERE BINA is having 3 versions in total one is a solo by Rahat sir , another is a male version by Shaan and one which i loved the most is the female version by our melody queen SHREYA DI. The song is great , the lyrics is superb and the voice in it is uber awesome !! The song is too sweet, lovely start. The music was catchy and modern which continued up to 44th sec. After that SHREYA DI started softly with "tere bina" . The song is having a lot of pain , in simple "dard bhara geet". In my views she did it better than both the male versions , exactly same still above. The harkats in the songs were really nice. I just want to give a salute to saying "kya baat,kya baat,kya baat" . It just came out like an old song , the feelings , music and all made it so beautiful.

Duration - 5 mins 8 sec

Play here - Tere bina 

bittoo boss - KAUN KENDA

Movie - bittoo boss
Language - Hindi
Song - kaun kenda
Singer - Sonu Nigam and SHREYA GHOSHAL
Music director - Raghav sachar
Year - 2012

The movie is having two versions of the song "kaun kenda" . One is duet and the other one is solo.

Play here - Kaun kenda