Tuesday, May 17, 2011

krishna n marriage - EE JANMAVU ONDHE SALADHU

This is a kannada songs "ee janmavu ondhe saladhu" from the movie "krishna n marriage", its a duet sung by SHREYA GHOSHAL and Sonu Nigam sir. This beautiful track is composed , constructed and designed by Shridhar V Sambhram .

This is a slow song which maintains stability in its flow speed through out. Its really good to play this type of song just to know what is real music ! It starts with western kinda music for just few seconds then it gets back to normal Indian music continued by sonu sir singing from 29th sec, beautiful and magnificent singing :) I always love this combo , i prefer it the most. He starts moderately , softly keeping the notes constant, this continues for some more time followed by a music piece then he continues again. On 2.02th min our melody queen made a beautiful start , super soft singing, most beautiful . She continued for few seconds then again sonu sir got back to the track.I loved the music from 2.34th min , which included beats on drum combined with music on flute , lovely and romantic. Further it included beautiful humming by sonu sir and he only continued further. Again on 3.34th min SHREYA DI came back and brought back the original beauty of the track. The end was really superb , its by our melody queen. Maximum of the song is sung by Sonu sir but in antra both got equal opportunity to sing !!!

Track Length - 4 min 35 sec

download - click here